Beautiful Nasheed Ya Tayebah (yA TOYBAH BUKAN NASYID SYIAH) by Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al Affasy aLQUWAITI

Alhamdhulillah ! Beautiful Nasheed.Lyrics with English Translation:

يا طيبة يا طيبة يا دوا العيانا
اشتقنالك والهوى نادانا

O Tayba, O Tayba
O cure of the patient
We miss you, and are passionate to see you

لما سار المركب ناساني
سار والدمع ماجفاني

As the ship departed, it forgot me
they sailed away and my tears never dried up

أخذوا قلبي مع جناني
يا طيبة يا تيم الولهانا

They took my heart and my soul with them
O Tayba, you’re my missing gesture

قبلتي بيت الله صابر
علني يوما لكِ زائر

My direction of prayer (my Qiblah), the house of Allah, I’m
perhaps a day will come to visit you

ياتُرى هل تراني ناظر
للكعبة وتغمرني بأمانا

I wonder, Will I be looking upon alkaaba
and being overwhelmed with it’s safety..

نبينا أغلى أمنياتي
أزورك لو مرة بحياتي

Our prophet, my best wish is to visit you,
At least once in my life

وبجوارك صلي صلاتي
وأذكر ربي وأتلو القرآنا

and near you, to perform my prayers
to praise my Lord, and to recite Qur’an

بُشراكِ المدينة بشراكِ
بقدوم الهادي يا بشراكِ

O Madina, How lucky you are
Because of the coming of the one who guided

فهل لي مأوى في حماكِ
أتمنى فالنور سبانا
نوركم سبانا
Is there a shelter for me, beside you
I wish to be in you, Indeed, your light has enchanted us

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